That says it all…


I have always loved to draw food, especially cans and tins and pastries and cups and saucers and teapots and breads and appletrees and vegetables and and and… and I LOVE to bake, so since one and one is still two…

I’ve worked as an illustrator from 1993 until 2008 for editors of wishingcards, magazines, various designers and authors. And editors in educational and fiction children’s books and children’s magazines. I even made a book not only in illustrations but also in writing, the Sultan of Sasso. Who knows maybe I will write another one, one day.

My husband, who is an actor and photographer and I, have, and still do work together in making combined photography-illustration-images.

Then I had to step out for a while to work with fire…making jewelry of glass in the old fashioned way.

And what is happening now, you can see in the mindmap and see in my posts.


8 thoughts on “Over

  1. hee Pia, ik wist niet dat je deze website had, hartstikke mooi! ik ga ‘m nu natuurlijk volgen! XXX Gonnie


  2. I like your idea to mix drawing and baking. I have idea to mix drawing and reading (to draw illustrations about every book I’ll read), but I guess it is more common than baking one. But it’s not me I wanted to talk about, but you. I like that your work is so colourful and cheerful. And so many details. It’s really great. 🙂

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